[es-se; English es-ee]

noun, Latin.

1. being; existence.

Hello there, all ye inquiring minds, I’m PurpleAQ and this is Esse.

There’s no distinct theme to my blog; Esse is a platform for me to express my  passions. The majority of my posts are dedicated to film, and I sprinkle in personal essays on a variety of topics.  Most of my early posts touch on the topic of politics, as I was a student of journalism and political science when I started this blog.

I am a believer in quality over quantity when it comes to blogging. Each post simmers inside of me before I compose and publish to Esse. Therefore, I don’t hold myself to a strict schedule with my posting… I simply post when I feel moved to enlighten.

With this in mind, I hope to give you  pretty little things to ponder, because I believe beauty expands when we nurture our curiosities.


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