Is This Anything?

As vessels of glory and decay, we continue to traverse the open seas in search of our one true thing. Yet time and space are irrelevant to the soul, and true love is supposed to be immortal.

Seduced by the chase, we allow the waves to thrash us into submission stripping us of everything but passion and temptation; the push and the pull providing the agony and the ecstasy.

The wholeness of the thing lies within the buoyancy of our youth and the infinite unknowns of our futures.

Internal voyages take us to private islands of thought and reflection, where our hearts evolve and dreams awaken. You’ve memorized every inch of my being, but even you would be a stranger on my desolate plot of sand. And I have no desire to trespass your solemn grounds.

After years of recklessly cultivating seeds planted a lifetime ago, we find ourselves here, reaching for the same moon. Me:  A wildflower shaped by the open prairie, drunk on rays of gold. You:  A mighty sequoia, protector of the soil flourishing under your refuge.

Battles of the sword are sometimes more easily won than battles of the heart. For it wasn’t until after he plundered the hallowed heights of Troy that Odysseus set sail home to Penelope…Cyclops and Sirens be damned!

Our safe harbors waft between the Yin and the Yang. They roar between the Dragon and the Phoenix. They hide beneath the ease of understanding and the solace of truth.

This is definitely something.

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